Fresh Air Box Seals & Windshield Gaskets

Discussion in 'E3 General Discussion' started by JimV, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Without question they are 98% focused on the finances versus supplying classic parts. I agree on the second part too, but there are a few of us that actually purchase new BMW still...a few...and keep them way after the warranty runs out. I just recently sold my E39 M5 after over 14 years, and we just sold our E90 330i 6MT we ordered new 13+ years ago, and I still have my E90 M3 with no plans to sell it. Last Sept we bought an M2 Competition also. BMW likely have disdain for owners like us since we keep cars a very long time, and I do all the work on them out of warranty myself, some with help from great friends.

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