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well this is the last turn of this item complete dismantle and rust remove and repaint in correct blue colour, and final clearcoat, removed the trim rubber and clean before reassembly now looks right fill your garage with one of these, they work perfectly and they are a great addition
now is complete, question is should i use those NOS tools ?
around 1965 german guys had these wonderful equipment available, think what was available at your places those days
started with this and completed successfully
love these old carts, it is a multi purpose and have many accesories,...
completing the tools and garage items, found an interesting addition, a german made lamp that went with the Hazet toolcarts see here, eclectic and elegant IMHO
CSL and 2002 from 1972
Artist's rendition of the CSL
I have to pass what little knowledge I have to someone!
I drove from Atlanta to Beavercreek Colorado in 2014 for Ofest. After the event I traveled this road for 20 miles along the Colorado River. Kept going up hill and when I reached the top this is the view I found. Breckenridge ski resort can be seen over 60 miles in the back ground.
Pictures of the garage cars & art.
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