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4-doors only!

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Driving out of Napa, Ca. on Hwy 121
72 Bavaria daily driver
Had a nice run in the Cairngorm mountains yesterday under a brooding sky.
Looking for some door panel molding for my 3.0 CS and went by this yard today and found #3104693. Body was not too bad. Found an orange test plug cover still attached. Amazing! Gary
Just a few pictures from a SoCal Vintage BMW drive in Orange County this past weekend. It was a pretty rare occurrence to have 5 E3's to show up.
Cool find.....giving me a painting idea...
Coming across some crazy E3's today, anyone know anything about these? I saw the 1804 and what's called a 2004 on some sites but has anyone seen one in the states? Or know more about the Cab? Seen one? etc.
Al, sorry I thought this was too funny when I was looking for some E3 racing photos I came across this. I added a cool E3 Estate picture as well as a couple Police cars. Feel free to continue to add E3 racing pictures to the thread everyone.... Here is a Shutterfly link I may update occasionally when I find more pics: [URL]https://e3racing.shutterfly.com/[/URL]
Found this on Stanceworks on a forum thread recently as well.... anyone's? Don't recognize it from anywhere. Seems like he just finished up restoration. [URL]http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83791[/URL]
I've been working on these projects for a while. Amazon green runs a 3.5 and a 5speed - out of paint last week. Fjord blue is a 3.0Si running ljet - going into paint this week.
Hi everyone, I've been browsing the forum for the past few months since purchasing my 1972 2500, lots of useful information to be had. There isn't an awful lot of interest in the E3 here, very few of them left I guess due to the dreaded tin worm. Mine has survived well due to being wax treated when new. It has 55k miles on the clock and is largely original, wheels aside. The interior is like new. I'm suffering the usual overheating issues (despite the cold/wet Scottish summer) though so...
a little crazy... I have been eyeing a particular e3 that belongs to a friend for a few years now. I've never really had a chance to look at it closely other than in his dark garage after 15 glasses of wine or as it buzzed by me in Monterey with Mr. Cain behind the wheel and a couple of comfortable passengers holding on for dear life! So after a bit of back and forth conversation and a swift turn around trip to God's country my wife and I drove home yesterday in a lovely blue 3.3li....
And had it nose to nose with my Corvair. Guess I have a type?
This is a little different than the typical car on here. A before pic and its current state. I'm prepping for a respray, new interior and a M30B35. And now
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