3.0 CS

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Pre-resto list
1973 3.0 CS with fuel injection conversion
Cutting and grinding the rust out of these pans
1974 started as a 3.0 automatic ended up as a Motronic 3.5 with 5-speed. Amazing how many parts one could cobble from E12's, 28's and the like but that was 20 years ago! And no, wood doesn't last more than 20 years without a tune up unless it lives in a bubble. Now I do E12's. And those are getting difficult to keep looking good!
2240284 Polaris/Navy 1972 3.0cs
here are pics of my 2800cs. lots of man hours and love
1973 3.0CS
1973 CS restomod.
In the garage, and the E9 friends
My project. Currently doing the floors.
a simple "divertimento" enjoy [MEDIA=youtube]vVxlt5CgON0[/MEDIA] please give feedback as if you are able to see it with this link regards
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