1973 3.0 CS with fuel injection conversion
Cutting and grinding the rust out of these pans
Driving out of Napa, Ca. on Hwy 121
1974 started as a 3.0 automatic ended up as a Motronic 3.5 with 5-speed. Amazing how many parts one could cobble from E12's, 28's and the like but that was 20 years ago! And no, wood doesn't last more than 20 years without a tune up unless it lives in a bubble. Now I do E12's. And those are getting difficult to keep looking good!
1973 3.0cs-i nachtblau/ardent red 3.8l m90 Completed 8/14/16
CSL and 2002 from 1972
2240284 Polaris/Navy 1972 3.0cs
Artist's rendition of the CSL
I have to pass what little knowledge I have to someone!
Progress shots
I drove from Atlanta to Beavercreek Colorado in 2014 for Ofest. After the event I traveled this road for 20 miles along the Colorado River. Kept going up hill and when I reached the top this is the view I found. Breckenridge ski resort can be seen over 60 miles in the back ground.
here are pics of my 2800cs. lots of man hours and love
Pictures of the garage cars & art.
Picture sent to me from three owners back. He had the car in the mid '80's through 90's.
1973 3.0CS