BMW E9 Coupe
Welcome to A site dedicated to the BMW E9 coupe from 1968-1975. Check out the forums, photo galleries, technical resources and more...

The BMW "CS". Predecessor to the 6-series, the CS coupe has been labeled as one of the most beautiful production cars ever made. The in-line six cylinder engine is as smooth as they come and the handling and performance rounds out the complete package. has become the legacy website for E9 coupe owners around the world, combining the knowledge base, photos and communication like nowhere else.

BMW E3 Sedan
The BMW "New six" sedan. Also known as the "E3" because of its chassis designation. The nickname "New six", referring to the in-line six cylinder engine, is a well built, roomy, nimble handling luxury sedan and precursor to the 7-series. Overshadowed by its beautiful E9 coupe sibling, the sedan never really got the respect it deserves. Since the drive train is the same as the E9 we added a section for E3 owners.

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